Posted on: September 30, 2009 10:49 am

Let's get it started!

Quick Overview

Bearcats Football ranked 10th in the AP for the first time in history.  Have a chance to move up even higher.  Still some tough league games and I can't overlook Illinois.

Bearcats Basketball looks to be on the right track.  If Cashmere is the player people think he is and the studs they brought in this year contribute they will be back in the top 25 playing in the Big Dance.

Xavier Basketball is always strong.  Mack has taken over the program and seems to be recruiting well.  We need to see how he does in game situations.

Cincinnati Reds have a lot of young talent and I have changed my mind on the Rolen trade to a positive.  They are still not a play-off team unless they make some good moves in the offseason or we have a Florida Marlins rebound.

Cincinnati Bengals have had 2 big wins in a row however they play 5 tough teams on the road (Vikings, Ravens, Steelers, Chargers and Jets) so it is hard to see them making the playoffs unless they finally have turned the corner.  Defense in on the right track and the offense is playing better since week 1.

A couple of teams I will Blog about but not in Cincinnati.

Columbus Blue Jackets need their players to play up to the same level as last year if they want to make the play-offs again.  They have some of the best young talent in the league and Rick Nash is an All-Star.

Cleveland Cavaliers have made a lot of aquisitions to match up with their Eastern counterparts.  They should go far in the play-offs and win it if Shaq stays healthy and can get consistent outside scoring from someone other than LeBron.

A lot of reasons to be positive in Cincinnati if you are a college fan.  We can also be optimistic about the Reds and Bengals in the future.

I will be going into more details about each team as time goes on. 
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